We have worked with Bishop and Smith for many years. We have found them to have a high attention to detail and a great staff. Their experience really shows in their production of high quality products and their comprehensive knowledge of the building codes. It is a pleasure working with the entire Bishop and Smith team.

Most times people like organizations are good at part of their job and not so good in other parts of their job like, dealing with their customers. Rarely are they good at both. My family and I experienced a horrific loss of our home and all that we owned a few days before Christmas 2012, thank God we all lived. Many friends, family and people we never new came to our rescue. Scott and Jack Smith of Bishop and Smith was one of the "captains" of the Colaianni comeback team. Jack, was personable understanding and very knowledgeable on the task at hand, to lead, to overcome obstacles, and create a new home for our family in the best time possible.

Needless to say Jack and his team, countless times rose to the challenges presented and overcame them one by one. The Colaianni Family moved into our new home on January 15, 2014 to a home that reflects many of Jack's professional skills, while incorporating the special requests my family needed to make this our new home.

Jack Smith, and his team have my highest recommendation and as a retired IBM executive know full well the meaning of skill and providing optimum service to your customers. Jack and his team were very good at exercising their professional skills and even better at understanding the needs of their customers while still getting the results required. Jack, and team Bishop & Smith are number one in my book and should hopefully be number one in yours as well.

I wanted to thank you for your work in designing our home in Avalon, New Jersey. Given the waterfront location, the design was a bit of a challenge. You listened to our ideas, concerns and desires, and were able to create a floor plan and design that met them all. The house is beautiful...the architecture is clean and appealing; there are many subtle design intricacies that add to its visual appeal. The floor plan took all of our ideas into account. It is open and inviting. The various decks are well positioned, and are all used.

So thank you again for your skill and hard work. I will certainly recommend your professional service to anyone that I know who is designing a shore home, or any home for that matter.

As a builder who has worked with Scott Bishop and his team on multiple projects, their customer service has been excellent. I have worked with them on eight projects over the last few years and will definitely continue to do so.

I am writing to thank you for your professional services in designing our home. After only a couple of meetings, you were able to design our shore home with an appealing open floor plan that is very efficient and capture the water views. We have had many compliments from visiting guests on how beautiful it is. Your architect drawings were completed as promised, which enabled us to move forward with permits and construction without delays. It was a pleasure working with Scott B. and Jack Smith. My husband and I are completely satisfied and highly recommend your architectural services. Please feel free to share this letter with potential clients or have them contact us. Thank you.

We are very pleased with the result of more than a year's work, starting with pen and paper and a discussion on what we needed in a home, reviewing and editing floor plans, getting to plot plans, elevation views, and ultimately a final set of plans. This was no easy task, considering we were building a new home post-Sandy, at the Jesery Shore, and with flood maps changing during the process, being in dual zoning districts, and with required building heights uncertain. But, finally, we are done (mostly!)

Scott, Jack and Bill were all great to deal with, they listened to our needs and wants, and helped us make decisions on the trade-offs you always need to consider when space is limited on the lot and you have a long list of needs and wants.

The style of the house is a cape cod, the architectural detail is outstanding and it fits well into the existing neighborhood which is situated one block from the start of the historic district here in Ocean City.

Ultimately, we love the house and get compliments on it every single day from strangers walking past and from family and friends who are visiting. So many people have asked us if they can have a tour.

Thanks Scott, Jack and Bill for everything.

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Scott J. Bishop of Bishop & Smith Architects in Gloucester Twp. NJ. In the summer of 2013 we retained our builder who referred us to Mr. Bishop to create plans for our new shore home in Stone Harbor, NJ. My husband, Adam, and myself had seen numerous homes and had an idea of what we needed and wanted but had no idea how that would work for our lot size and the numerous building codes that had to be followed.

We were quickly able to get an appointment with Mr. Bishop who sat down with me and simply said "just tell me what you want, I will design your home." I began telling him my wish list and he began to sketch. This was one of the easiest most enjoyable parts of our entire building experience. Mr. Bishop made our ideas become reality. Our home is exactly what we wanted thanks to Mr. Bishop. If you want a truly gifted, talented professional look no further, Scott J. Bishop of Bishop & Smith Architects.

As a custom new home builder/developer, our company has been working with Bishop & Smith architects for almost a decade (since 2011), on dozens of various homes/projects. Everyone we have ever dealt with inside the company has always been professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They turn around our work in a timely fashion, think about what they're doing when working on revisions, and ask relevant questions as to help us cut down on unnecessary building material costs where possible. Their website has a public search option showcasing many of the floorplans they offer, which is extremely valuable when dealing with clients that want something specific, or when we're actively looking for a new product ourselves, it's a very helpful feature. Highly recommended!

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